Rental Info & Tips

Backdrop Rentals

Care Tips

  • Signage should always be handled carefully and gently, and should be kept in its packaging until it's time for use.
  • When opening and removing the signage from its packaging, avoid using blades to open package as a precaution to not cut or scratch the signage.
  • Your sign will be wrapped in protective cushioning and nestled in cardboard packing. After opening,  remove plastic wrap and gently remove the sign from cardboard.
  •  If there is a protective film on the signage, gently remove it.
  • Avoid placing any items on top of your signs to prevent and scratches, cracks, etc. 
  • Now your sign is ready for hanging/ mounting


  1. All backdrop signs come with small holes large enough to use fishing wire to hang.
  2. For backdrop signs that will be applied directly to the wall, we recommend using command strips of the appropriate size to hold the weight of the signage as command can be removed from the walls and the signage without damage.
  3. Ensure that the signage is properly and securely hanging to prevent the signage from falling.
  4. After use, if string used to hang the signage must be cut, please carefully cut from the backside to avoid scratching the signage.

Return Check List

Keep all packaging for the rental item for repackaging your item for return
This may include the box it was packed in, the protective cushioning, the cardboard sheets, etc that came with the package.
  1. When removing signage from backdrop, carefully remove or cut and attached strings without scratching the items (acrylic can scratch easily).
  2. Now is a good time check your items for any scratches, damage, etc. and  record or photograph your rentals for proof of its condition for return.
  3. Place the signage back inside of the cardboard it matches. The the shape of the sign is specifically cut to fit the rental sign
  4. Place the extra cardboard sheet on top of the sign to prevent any items from scratching against the sign
  5. Repeat this step for all signs a part of the rental.
  6. Place cardboard cushioning on a hard surface (Table, etc.)
  7. Place signs (already inside cardboard) on top of the cardboard cushioning.
  8. Fold over the cushioning and place back in the box it for return.