Care Tips & How To's

Acrylic Care: 

Acrylic: is the hardest and stiffest plastic, and can last a lifetime if properly cared for, but some designs are delicate and require careful handling.

Avoid: Handling until ready for use. All items are packed in a plastic baggie or wrapped to help minimize fingerprints, smudges, dust, lint etc. i

Mirror acrylic may come with a protective film on top; if so be sure to remove the film before use.

To CleanDon't: use any harsh chemicals or detergents to clean acrylic and don't use a dry cloth/ paper towels. A clean microfiber towel is a great way to gently wipe away smudges and dust/lint. 

Store: items back in the original packaging they were sent.

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Care Tips & How To's

Cake Topper Care

Cake toppers are very delicate and should always be handled with extra care

  • Keep toppers attached to cardboard and in packaging until the topper is ready to be inserted in the cake to avoid any drops or mishandling 
  • Gently & cautiously remove any tape attaching the topper to cardboard
  • Hold topper by the stem and avoid holding the topper near the top of the design to prevent accidental breaks and smudges
  • Toppers can be gently washed with mild dish detergent or wiped with a damp cloth

How To's: Backdrop signs

There are a couple options for hanging backdrop signs.

Floral/grass walls or floating sign look:

If the "holes" option is selected for a backdrop sign, the sign will be made with small holes to use to use fish line to hang the sign. The fishline can be tied to a floral or grass backdrop by tying it to the grid/mesh of the flowers or grass panels or tied to the top of the backdrop to hang down.

Backdrop signs can also be tied to hang from backdrop fixtures with fish line for a floating look.

Wall attachment:

To attach signs to a wall in an event space or in your home damage free we recommend using Command Strips. Command Strips, depending on the size chosen, can hold 6lbs - 16lbs and when removed properly will leave the surface damage free.

Always remember to insure signs properly and securely installed to prevent signs from falling.

How To's: Table Signs (bar menus, reserved signs, table numbers, etc.)

  • All tables sigs come in protective packaging to keep the signs fingerprint, smudge, and dust free. It's best to keep signs in the protective packaging until it is time for use.
  • Some table signs will come packed and shipped in two parts and must be assembled. If there are multiple table signs in your order, each sign will be packed with the matching base. Each base will be labeled to indicate the bottom side of the base and which side is the front side of the base.

Follow the steps below to assemble your table signs:

  1. Place base on a hard flat surface with top side up
  2. Line sign with opening on base. It's best to do this at eye level
  3. Push firmly and gently on each side of the sign until it is fully inserted.

Pieces will fit snugly together.

To store sign for reuse, place sign back in plastic baggies with the matching base.